We use 100% genuine bovine leather that are specifically handpicked to ensure that we get the best cuts.

Leather is a natural material therefore there are some imperfections but we try to imbrace it.

There can be some markings or scratches on the end product but this is all from natural causes and makes your product more unique.

A leather product is for life.  If you treat it correct it will become a family heirloom or an article you can enjoy for live.  Because leather is a natural product, it can crack, stain or dry, therefor it is important to treat your leather with the correct product.

  • If you need to transport or store leather, never do it in a plastic bag, as leather need to breath. I you don’t have a material travel bag – a pillow case will do the trick.

  • Because every one needs to show off their leather products it is possible to get wet. Leave it to dry naturally.  Be patient as this may take days. Using a heater or hair dryer, will shrink it or dry out the leather

  • Don’t store it in direct sunlight as this will fade, crack, or dry the leather.

  • If you need to clean your leather bag, use a damp clean cloth.

  • Use a cleaner, specially made for leather and stay away from Dubbin. Also keep away from cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine and other mineral spirits.

  • Use a moisturizer, specially made for leather every month to keep the leather soft.

  • Use oil based cleaner or moisturizer only for oil dyed leather.

  • Never treat or clean any suede materials. Only use a brush designed for suede to clean the product.

  • Remember to remove any stain as soon as it appears. Rubbing blood or organic stains with white chalk, left overnight works very well.

  • If you need to store your leather bag, stuff it with a hand towel or bubble wrap to keep its shape.